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The Halo Effect is my Etsy shop (one of several actually) born out of love for the new graphic design skills I learned while developing my small business.

ConstantlyAlice Thank you cards, designed by The Halo Effect

ConstantlyAlice Thank you cards, designed by The Halo Effect

To begin at the beginning, a few years ago, I started ConstantlyAlice, an etsy shop for “one of a kind people” that sells unique vintage and handcrafted items to people who don’t want to buy the mass market, homogenized items found in big box stores.

I learned a lot from that shop. I went from (pretty lame) photography to signature pictures that really identify my brand. I started a blog where I shared DIY, vintage inspiration, and a love of whimsy and quirk. After a while, I decided to try my hand at building a website where I could focus my blog and shop in one place. I chose WordPress as my platform, hosted it through Godaddy and proceeded to teach myself basic html to customize my site. After lots of trial and error, I got the site to look the way I wanted it..then I decided to launch The Halo Effect, a second Etsy store where I could sell paper goods, art and graphic design services created with what I’d learned. More recently, I branched out ConstantlyAlice to include Connie & Allie, retro inspired clothing, accessories and gifts for girls.


I decided to add this blog to my growing business “empire” because I want to help other etsy sellers and small business owners by sharing what I’ve learned. Most of the tools I used to market and build my businesses are free, web based services that are readily available to anyone with access to the internet. This blog will offer small business tutorials, logo and web design help and marketing tools to develop their own skills.

So lets get started! To begin with, if you own an etsy shop and would like me to give you a free assessment, go ahead and leave a link to your shop in the comments below. I will review your shop and message you on facebook with some suggestions on how to improve your shop with a few simple tips.

I look forward to learning more about you and why you love to sell on easy!



About constantlyalice

I love all things vintage and have a flair for the theatrical (my childhood nickname, courtesy of my Dad, was "Sara Heartburn" ;). I'm fond of the 20's and 50's in particular, but love just about any decade between the 1800-1960's. I also love to create! You can usually find me knitting, sewing, crocheting or embroidering my little heart out. My shop, ConstantlyAlice, was inspired by my love for all of these things, but mostly by my love of my grandmothers Constance and Alice.
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